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Economic Development

Economic Development

Encouraging economic growth

The Town of Smooth Rock Falls is dedicated to encouraging economic growth in our community. Our strategic and convenient location, trained and dedicated workforce, and safe and spirited community are among the many reasons businesses build and grow in Smooth Rock Falls. For more information about economic development activities and opportunities, please contact our Economic Development Officer, Shannon Piper.

Economic Development Officer
Shannon Piper

Tel: 705-338-2717 ext. 8

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Ongoing activities

Our ongoing activities are geared to assisting the existing business community while also encouraging new business development and growth to help to ensure a strong and diversified economic base. A recent example of the kind of help businesses can expect from the municipal staff and council is the new grocery store. After fire destroyed the Town’s primary grocery store, Town council knew a new grocery store was needed and needed quickly. They committed hundreds of thousands of dollars to start renovating a municipal property before a new owner was found. Council made this calculated risk because they knew a strong financial commitment from the Town would help secure a new owner faster and make help get the store opened sooner.

Emerging, new and existing businesses undergoing development, growth, change or relocation can take advantage of a full range of community economic development services including:

  • Detailed information on Smooth Rock Falls business environment.
  • Site selection research, economic data, statistics, and information.
  • Research and information on available industrial and commercial properties available for sale or lease in Smooth Rock Falls.
  • Referral and liaison services for numerous government, industrial, and community based services and organizations and business associations.
  • Assistance with small business development and start-up.

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Doing Business in Town

Economic Development

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