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Available Property

Available Property

Affordable commercial & residential properties

Smooth Rock Falls has numerous residential, commercial and rural properties currently for sale. To find out more about the properties and to download information packages for each, please visit the following sections.

If you would like to learn more about real estate and investment opportunities in Smooth Rock Falls, simply fill out this contact form. We will be in touch shortly.

Residential properties


Municipal Owned Vacant Properties

Are you looking for vacant residential land to build your dream home? Consider the additional following questions.

Important information: Lots are NOT $500, this is an example of a vacant for sale for $5,000 that would be rebated at 90% if terms and conditions are met. Terms and conditions are you must have proof of funds or mortgage approval and must complete your build within 2 years. If terms and conditions are not met, the town proceeds with transfering the property back into the municipality’s ownership. 

Do you have a home design? Do you have financing for your build secured? Proof of funds are now required. Have you spoken and/or secured a contractor for their availability? Are you ready to start construction and have it built within a 2 year timeline? Additional information to consider is the cost of building in Northern Ontario can range up to $350/sqft.

These are just some of the questions you need to consider before purchasing a municipal vacant lot from the Town of Smooth Rock Falls. Current available municipally owned vacant properties:

87 Hollywood Avenue
Download the property information package
100 Hollywood Avenue
Download the property information package
107 Hollywood Avenue
Download the property information package
96 Second Avenue
Download the property information package
166 Cloutierville Road
Download the property information package
186 Cloutierville Road
Download the property information package
Private House Sales

There are also private houses for sale in Smooth Rock Falls. Listings for these properties can be found on realtor.ca.

Commercial & rural properties

The Town of Smooth Rock Falls recently made a number of additional surplus commercial and rural properties available by tender and request for proposals processes. The deadline for tenders and proposals has passed, those that were received are currently being evaluated.

The Town is now in a position to sell some of these surplus properties directly to the public without having to go through the formal tender or request for proposals process. We have updated our information packages to highlight those properties that are still available for purchase, and have included information on the simplified process to purchase a property.

Information packages

By clicking on each property, you can download a complete information package about that property that includes a property description, property maps, CIP incentives, CIP application and zoning information.

The packages also includes all the information needed to submit a tender bid for that property including purchasing information, tender notice and a ‘purchasing by RFP’ flow chart that shows the complete process step-by-step.

Kelly Park vendors

Now accepting food and portable vendors at Kelly Park on Highway 11, Smooth Rock Falls. 5 spots available. 

License application is required. Call 705-338-2717 or email townhall@townsrf.ca for more information.

Licence application 

By-Law #2024-15 Regulate Food Vending Vehicles

137 Fifth Street
139 First Avenue
149 Main Street
155 Fifth Street
157 Main Street
167 Main Street
Private businesses for sale

There is currently a private business available for sale in Smooth Rock Falls, a hardware store.

Blanchette Hardware & Building Supplies
32 Second Avenue

For more information, please contact the owners Robert or Martine Blanchette

Private waterfront property for sale

There are currently two lots for sale. For more information, please contact William White at IBK Capital.

Lot Number 1
Asking Price - $283,900

Plan M290C BIK F PCL (BR)
236.53 Acres
Roll Number: 5648 00000428400
Lot Number 2
Asking Price - $1,480,752

Con 5-8, Lots 25-28 PCL
1,233.96 Acres
Roll Number: 5648 00000414300

Industrial park

Introducing the Near North Industrial Centre

The Near North Industrial Centre is our new industrial park conveniently, located close to Highway 11, the Mattagami River and railroad tracks, making it easily accessible to many different transportation options. We also offer comprehensive and generous incentives for new businesses and residents because we know that supporting your business and your family will bring prosperity to the whole region.

The Near North Industrial Centre will be 27 acres and have 12 lots. The town intends to offer turn-key lots complete with services including water, wastewater, electrical, natural gas and telecommunications, as well as providing rough grading of the lots.

DBI Diesel Inc.

In June 2021, DBI Diesel Inc. purchased Lot 6, the Near North Industrial Centre’s largest lot, and becoming the park’s first tenant.

DBI has a wealth of experience working with heavy equipment and transport mechanics providing quality diagnostic and engine repairs. Other services provided by DBI Diesel Inc. include fleet and heavy equipment maintenance services.

DBI Diesel Inc. aims to vastly expand its current business model and create new jobs in Smooth Rock Falls. DBI has secured contracts with large multinational corporations and hopes to substantially grow its business in its new location. Diagnostics and calibrations are a growing market due to modernization and evolving technology. Presently, there are a limited number of technicians in the area to answer this demand.

Its new home in the Near North industrial Centre allows DBI Diesel Inc. to offer a power output testing facility including a chassis dynamometer which will set them apart from the local competition.

As a mining, forestry and shipping hub, Smooth Rock Falls new industrial park offers the perfect location to house this growing business and we are thrilled to have DBI as our newest tenant!

DBI Diesel Inc.

Smooth Rock Falls, ON P0L 2B0

Tel: 705-335-1400
Send an Email

Industrial Park – Lots

For more detailed information about the Near North Industrial Centre, please download our brochure. The brochure contains everything you need to know about the Near North Industrial Centre, Smooth Rock Falls:

  • How to purchase a lot
  • Available financial incentives including a potential rebate of up to 90 per cent of the purchase price
  • Tax grants
  • And more
Purchasing a lot

The town is selling the industrial lots through a public bidding process. Detailed lot packages are available to walk you through the application and purchasing process required to take up residence in the Near North Industrial Centre. If you are interested in purchasing a lot, here are the lot packages that are left.

Lot 5 Package
Lot 7 Package
Lot 8 Package
Purchasing process

Full details about how to purchase a lot are in the brochure but here is a chart that demonstrates how the process works for purchasing one of the remaining industrial park lots.

We are here to help

Your business is important to the prosperity of Smooth Rock Falls and to the economic health of our region. We are here to help you get settled. Please contact us any time.

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Commercial & Rural Properties
Industrial Park

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