Lifeguard / Aquatics Instructor

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January 29, 2024
Job Description

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Position Description

Lifeguards/Aquatics Instructors provide safe aquatic environment for bathers through monitoring, accident prevention, rescue skills, public education and public relations and promote the safe use of the public pool.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Under the supervision of the Public Works Coordinator (PWC), the Lifeguard/Aquatics Instructor are responsible for assisting with the programming of municipal events at the public pool, instructing individuals in their swimming lessons and providing supervision to swimmers. This position requires the individual to be bilingual in English and French since approximately 70% of the community is francophone. The holder of this position is responsible for assisting in the preparation of special events programming for the aquatics department. The Lifeguard/Aquatics Instructor are responsible individuals who are charged with the supervision of swimmers and provide swimming lessons. The lessons and supervisions are provided to members of the public and various groups including the senior group, local schools, and Healthy Community Program to provide programming that enhances the healthy living lifestyle of residents of all ages. The Lifeguard/Aquatics Instructors are also responsible for instructing individuals in programs associated with lifeguarding for the municipality.

Work Environment

The work associated with this position will be done indoors as well as outdoors and in water and may require standing, sitting or swimming for extended periods of time as well as some lifting.

Tools and Equipment Used

The pool workers will be required to use the telephone and a cash register as well as fill out various forms for lessons and administrative purposes. Other tools used are rescue and instruction equipment on deck as well as cleaning products on deck, in changing rooms and in office.

Freedom of Information

Any personal information collected from the public is considered confidential and is not to be released to other members of the public.

Dress Code

Student employees are responsible for supplying their own clothes. Such clothing shall be of a respectable nature and appropriate for the kind of work being carried out. All lifeguards on deck must wear a bathing suit along with one Lifeguard item such as pants, shirt, shorts, sweatshirt or hat.


The general public must be treated in a courteous manner. Should residents approach employees about issues that may be related or unrelated to their specific job they should be directed to supervisory staff. Inquiries and concerns from the public and other staff must be dealt with immediately to the best ability of the employee. Profane language and offensive behaviour is prohibited at all times. The policies of the municipality you are given must be promoted & upheld.

Absenteeism and Lateness

Employees unable to report for work must notify their Supervisor before the start of their Shift. Employees knowing in advance that they will be late for work, should inform their immediate Supervisor in order that work can be re-assigned accordingly. Failure to notify the immediate Supervisor of impending lateness may result in a deduction of pay. If this continues the employee will be disciplined accordingly, up to and including dismissal.




  • Minimum 15 years of age
  • National Lifeguard – Pool certificate
  • Lifesaving Society Swim Instructor certification
  • Current Bronze Cross
  • Current Standard First Aid

Lifeguard Assistant opportunities are available as well.

Additional Details

DID YOU KNOW? These positions are available for anyone, you do not need to be a student for summer employment.

Posting Details
Job Title
Lifeguard / Aquatics Instructor
114 Sixth St Smooth Rock Falls ON
Public Works Coordinator
Rate of Pay
Dependent on experience
Hours of Work
Position Status
Application Deadline
April 19th, 2024
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