Town of SRF attends ROMA

ROMA 2024
January 31, 2024

Photo: Mayor Roberts, Minister of Northern Development Greg Rickford,
CAO/Treasurer Yvan Marchand, Councillor Leslie Gagnon

The Town of SRF attended the 2024 ROMA Conference and met with the following ministries:

  1. Ministry of Northern Development: to thank and discuss our recently funded projects for the Industrial Park, SRF Public Pool, Community Centre, 2 arena projects. Additionally discussed the Town’s waterfront project with the intent of applying for a walking trail system feasibility study in the 2024 budget with capital work anticipated in 2025. Ministry of Infrastructure: to thank the increase in the annual OCIF (Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund) Formula Based funding and provided them with the Town’s intent of how the funds will be used for the watermain extension from 6th Street to Main St. in hopes to rectify water discolouration. The Town also provided them with an update that our OCIF balance for 2023 was used on the water tower project and a portion for the Junction Road 3rd lift of surface treatment. The town was advised that there is currently no funding programs available for the reconstruction of roads, except projects involve the development of new residential dwellings.
  2. Ministry of Transportation (MTO): To discuss the following concerns; Reduction of speed limit East side of Smooth Rock Falls, Illumination at Kelly Road (Additional street light), Mattagami River bridge coating, Highway 11 spring/summer cleanup within town boundaries, asphalt repair east of Smooth Rock Falls, and Ontario Heritage signage. A meeting will be set up with the MTO in the spring to discuss these matters further.
  3. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing: to brief the Ministry of the history of the town’s senior housing project since 2016 when the committee was created. The Town presented six letters of support that were received for the project and expressed the high importance of future funding assistance to help the growth of housing development in Smooth Rock Falls.

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